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Aug 9, 2013 10:00pm PDT
cooper. tonight a murder that's gone unsolved for more than half a century. a south texas beauty queen sexually assaulted, killed shortly after going to confession. suspicion turned to the priest but nothing stuck. police, though, they never gave up. so, now, 53 years later, evidence points only to the man who heard irene garza's final confession, the man they still suspect took her life. cnn's gary tuchman has the remarkable story. >> she had beautiful, shiny hair. she had this natural effervescence. >> she had the most musical type voice. >> she had a way with children, and she smelled like flowers. >> reporter: in 1960, irene garza was raped and murdered in mcallen, texas. >> one thing i remember is just screams. >> there was a suspect. who do you believe killed irene garza? >> father john bernard feit. >> father john feit. back then, a catholic priest. >> no evidence in this case right now points us in any other direction. >> so why is he still a free man? by all accounts, irene garza was a remarkable young woman. >> she kind of broke the mold. >> irene's younger cousin, noemi sigl
Aug 1, 2013 5:00pm EDT
to the distinguished, articulate and experienced member of the judiciary committee, ms. jackson lee from houston, texas. the chair: the gentlewoman from texas is recognized for five minutes. ms. jackson lee: i ask unanimous consent to revise and extend. the chair: without objection, so ordered. ms. jackson lee: i thank the gentleman from tennessee for his distinguished leadership and friendship and the chairman of the full committee because i believe that it is fair to have a difference of opinion. it is also fair to say that there are times when we have a great opportunity to work together. and i believe that the gentleman mentioned my tenure on the judiciary committee, so let me document for my colleagues it's reins act goes around -- colleagues, the reins act goes around and around and around and around. it is constantly repeated and reintroduced and it constantly fails. for the new members on my friends on the other side of the aisle who are standing up and talking about what a great impact this would have, using old data and misinterpretation. for there is no real documentation that the reins act
Aug 6, 2013 2:00am PDT
way today in texas, a court-martial accused of a deadly rampage at ft. hood. it's been four years since his opened fire at a processing center leaving 13 people dead, 30 others injured. some of those that he alleged to have shot will actually testify against him. >> all of a sudden, you could hear it somewhere and pow, pow, shooting everywhere. all of a sudden, i saw a laser come across my eyes. i looked over and saw him pointing a gun at me. by that time, i tried shifting over. it felt like a baseball bat hit me over the neck. >> he will represent himself. if convicted, he could face the death penalty. >>> president obama heads to phoenix to talk about home ownership. the president is expected to lay out the plan to keep the housing recovery humming. he heads to burbank, california to make his sixth appearance on the tonight show with jay leno. >>> fire crews in oregon making progress on a wildfire. weather conditions do not promise help. five fires burning in two oregon counties. 52,000 acres destroyed. the largest is 16% contained. >> indra petersons is tracking the weather for
Aug 2, 2013 11:00am PDT
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Aug 8, 2013 4:00am EDT
. severe storms around the texas panhandle. scattered showers from south dakota to minnesota. thunderstorms for much of the east coast. and in the west, from new mexico, to colorado. >> mostly 80s in the rockies. 70s in the upper midwest. 90s in the southeast. 80s from boston to atlanta. >>> still ahead, a star-studded dispute. which actor left the movie set because he wasn't getting $3 million for less than a week of work? >>> plus, an international manhunt is under way, after investigators say a teenage girl was abducted from her own home. this morning, the plea from her father. >>> and reducing the risk of dementia. what doctors are saying about a connection between alzheimer's and your blood sugar level. when it comes to getting my family to eat breakfast, i need all the help i can get. that's why i like nutella. mom, what's the capital of west virginia? charleston. nutella is a delicious hazelnut spread my whole family loves. mom, have you seen my -- backpack? nutella goes great on whole-wheat toast or whole-grain waffles. and its great taste comes from a unique combination of simple i
FOX News
Aug 9, 2013 6:00am PDT
psychiatrist admitted he opened fire at the texas army base in 2009, killing 13 people and wounding 30 others. casey stiegel is live at fort hood, texas. casey, hasan still not cross-examining his witnesss? >> reporter: , no, patti ann, he is isn't. i was in the courtroom. i had a chance to study him. he looked down at the table most of the time. when the judge addresses him he is very respectful, yes, ma'am, no, ma'am. but as these witnesses are giving gut-wrenching testimony, he mostly stairs at the table and doesn't make any kind of eye contact with them. major hasan had a relatively bizarre interruption of court yesterday. it came during some of the most horrific testimony we heard thus far. the sergeant who supervised the medical facility where the shooting happened was on the stand. she was in middle of describing a scene of non-stop gunshots and chaos, when hasan randomly interrupted and objected asked please be reminded she was under oath. clearly she was under oath. she had already sworn in. so everyone kind of moved on. when it comes to the cross-examination of these witnesses not r
Aug 16, 2013 1:00am EDT
attorney general of california, governor of maryland, from texas, and locally, there is a great guy, a commissioner of california. these are all candidates who will be speaking to racial and economic justice. >> all the candidates you mentioned were democratic candidates. caller: that is my party. correct. >> thanks for calling. susan is on our independent line. who do you like there out there as a future independent. caller: the only one who has been honest is rand paul. also, his father, ron paul. what a combination. only has been honest in the things that have been brought up and giving credit where credit is due and saying, if we want to change anything, we have to go to congress. they are the only ones i have heard for the last years that have been honest. so, that is just my opinion. >> senator rand paul is on your screen. critical today of president obama's decision to postpone the military exercise with egypt, making the announcement earlier. we will show you the president's comments later on in the headline. they write senator paul says the law is very clear. "mr. president
Aug 2, 2013 9:00am EDT
tempore: for what purpose does the gentleman from texas seek recognition? >> i ask unanimous consent to address the house for one minute. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, the gentleman from texas is recognized. >> mr. speaker, in the president's pivot back to jobs last week, he told a crowd that america has fought its way back after the start of the great recession. mr. wilson: five years ago unemployment was at 6%. now it's at 5.5%. five years ago 30 million americans received food stamps. today 47.8 million are enrolled. we are no way back to where we were before the 2008 collapse. as the president's -- it's the president's economic agenda that's pushing further us into danger. as a business owner of 42 years, i've been on the receiving end of these job-killing policies and i know what we need to get the economy back on track. we need to reform the tax code. we need to ensure our military remains fully funded and well-equipped and the best in the world. we should never accept 7.6% as the normal level for unemployment or 15% poverty rate and we should never accept an econ
Aug 14, 2013 3:00pm PDT
'm glad the justice department is moving forward in texas. i want them to do that in north carolina and any other state that has put in place these laws that are really going to be damaging to people's right to vote. >> and that's the real point. people have been voting for years with their i.d. there's been no widespread fraud. yet you come in with a new program. it is a solution looking for a problem rather than a problem in need of a solution. and one of the people who just filed a lawsuit other in north carolina's voting suppression law is 92-year-old rosenel eaton who has compared to the literacy test she faced during the crowe era. listen to this 92-year-old. >> here i am at 92 years old doing the same battling. we need more, not less, access to the ballot. at the age of 92, i am fed up and fired up. >> 92 years old saying it's the same thing she's fed up and fired up standing there with reverend william barber. people are calling them out on this. >> that's right. and you know what? i am so proud to be a north carolinian. she really is fed up. >> i think that -- and the thing
FOX News
Aug 17, 2013 11:30am PDT
itch. in 1998 she was sued by texas cattle ranchers by saying mad cow is a problem. she says, i believe i come from being muzzled. i come from a people who died to have a show. she then moved her show to amarillo, texas, to promote this. in 2005, a similar thing happen nd paris where she was ejected from her meese and some of her friends fed news saying if this was celine di on or barbra streisand, this wouldn't have happened. >> was this just a convenient time to tell this story? >> well, it's a convenient time. she's a great entertainer and showperson. and you've got to love "time" magazine which picked up the bag and arran with it. they went to switzerland and talked about how racist switzerland is. they talked about how asiel seekers were not being permitted to use the pool or sports facilities. they also pointed out the handbag was made of crocodile and a group called for paws was protesting oprah winfrey's even looking at it. >> rick, the media just kind of took her story and ran with it and it took days before anybody heard from the shopowner or the salesperson. >> yeah. they jus
Aug 8, 2013 2:00am PDT
eyeing in the same region. the texas panhandle, a big bulk of oklahoma. the difference between today's forecast and yesterday, we were looking for the weather in missouri. that's the relief i can give you knowing you are not going to have the severe thunderstorms. more rain in the forecast today. all the way through saturday night, this is the troublemaker. here is the cold front. slowly and i mean slowly making its way across. with that, all the moisture pooling up out of the gulf brings heavy showers in the northeast. watch the timing of this. how fast it goes and whether it stalls out. it will impact the rain we are seeing the next several days into the northeast. here is what we know about the southeast. forecasting heavy rain. two to three inches. atlanta, one to two inches. now the northeast, we are going to see, it depends on where the heavier thunderstorms are. there are place that is won't see much. if you get the heavy downpour, you have a threat for flooding. >> thanks for the warning, we appreciate it. >>> a wildfire is raging out of control across southern california. th
FOX News
Aug 8, 2013 2:00am PDT
was putting up no defense whatsoever they say in an effort to get the death penalty. casey seigel is in texas with the details. >>> a bizarre twist in the trial of nidal hasan. he is defending himself with 13 counts of murder and 31 counts of attempted murder following a shooting at fort hood in 2009. court in recess after hasan's stand by attorney takes issue with representing the army sigh kie twist becau -- psychiatrist wants the death penalty. >> this attorney is saying i am having a hard time doing that because my client waived the white flag. >> the decision to represent himself gives him the opportunity to question victims on the witness stand. there is concern that experience could retraumatize those that are in the shooting. >> it is horrible to put individuals through that. this is unfortunately one of the unfortunate things that happen. >> the army major admits he was behind the attack but military law prevents him from pleading guilty since he faces a death sentence. trying the case in a nonmilitary court would be a much different situation. >> game over, don't waste tax payer mon
Aug 13, 2013 5:00pm EDT
arises when a couple married in california or another state moves to state like florida or texas that does not respect their marriage. until we succeed in getting rid of the remaining marriage bans in these states it's clear those governments will not recognize the couple that is married and they will get some but probably not all of the federal benefits they would get if they were living in a state that respected their marriage. at administration has been coming out with guidance on various benefits since the decision came down so we have some answers at this point. it seems pretty clear for immigration purposes, the 70-thre federal government will respect the marriages that were married in any jurisdiction that allows it no matter where the couples live now. federal employees will be able to get spousal health insurance and other benefits if they're legally married in any state regardless where they currently live. same for military spouses. so we have some clarity on some of these issues. the two big ones that are sort out of out standing and waiting for guidance from the admi
Aug 15, 2013 5:00pm EDT
will take it down another 0.15%. we are north of the 13th largest economy in the world in texas, so you have to remain competitive. if you want people to invest more, if you allow people to keep more of their money, we know as conservatives, they will either suspended or save it and invest, which is good for the county. we overhauled our worker compensation system. we have some of the highest rates in the nation as well as in the region. we revamped our system, moving from an antiquated system, moving to a new system that will essentially safe employers, people who create jobs, 15% to 20% on their premiums every year. people always say, stop talking about social problems. i think that is nonsense. you take every social issue known to man, whether it is high incarceration rates, drug and substance abuse issues -- i think they can all be traced to one key ingredient, and that is the breakdown of the family unit. this year in oklahoma we said we would do things to promote the family, going on a campaign to express why strong families are not as good for society, they are good for the economy, a
Aug 6, 2013 7:00am PDT
antonio texas, gracias a lo recaudado en "teletÓn usa". y vamos en vivo con mi compadre raÚl gonzÁlez. >>> trucos para reducir el costo de tu seguro de auto, secretos que las agencias tienen bien guardados, ya no mÁs. >>> comadre, recetas caseas para devolverle a tu cabello el brillo que perdiÓ. >>> la cuenta regresiva para la boda de satcha pretto, hermosa, le contamos quÉ pasa en barcelona. >>> ya lo saben, "despierta amÉrica" es, y seguirÁ siendo hasta la eternidad infinita, la mejor manera de comenzar tus maÑanas. >>> en la casa mÁs feliz de la televisiÓn hispana, porque hoy es martes, ni te cases ni te embarques, ni de tu casa te apartes. ♪. ♪. ♪. >>> bravo chicos. ♪. ♪. ♪. >>> venga. eso es. >>> vengase. ♪. ♪. ♪. (aplausos) >>> hola!. >>> hola san antonio. (aplausos) >>> muy buenos dÍas. >>> aplauso (aplausos) >>> hermanito, buenos dÍas, es martes 6 de agosto, del 2013. anita estÁ de vacaciones, se encuentra con nosotros sherlyn. >>> que dios los bendiga, mua. ahÍ estÁ raÚl gonzÁlez en vivo desde san antonio, con la gente hermosa que queremos muc
Aug 7, 2013 7:00am PDT
en san antonio la primera piedra del chris texas por lo recaudado en la teletÓn, y vamos con raÚl y lourdes que fueron parte del momento. >>> y quÉ bonito y tacher y mi brother que van vacaciones y hoy te cuento todo lo que hicieron. >>> vÍctima de fraude y con dos hijos que padecen enfermedades sicÓlogicas y una madre inmigrante enfrenta un reto aÚn mayor, la deportaciÓn, y desde california el Ángel de la justicia el abogado jessica domÍnguez llega ubbing una noti. >>> y en vivo estaremos con manny pacquiao, entrevista con este gran Ídolo del boxeo y una fan de cherlÍn quiere parecerse a ella. >>> y a ver mujeres vivirÍan con su ex y su pareja actual solo por ayudarlo. >>> no. >>> conoceremos un caso real que va a crear debates. >>> y accesorio para el perro de hoy y para que tu mascota tambiÉn este al Último ladrido de la moda. >>> y si tus hijoss tienen angustia de regresar al colegio, despierta amÉrica te ayuda. pues aquÍ sabrÁs quÉ puedes hacer para combato irla. >>> hijole, seÑora y mitos y realidades de el an antienvejecimiento, vamos a ver los tratamientos q
Aug 6, 2013 10:00am PDT
. now at jcpenney. >>> former president george w. bush is now in a texas hospital. he's recovering from a heart procedure. doctors placed a stint after they discovered a blockage. the surgery was a success and the former president is in high spirits. he's expected to go home tomorrow. dr. sanjay gupta is on the phone with us. tell us about the procedure. >> it's a pretty commonly done procedure. you have a million people who have what's known as an angiogram every year. people have some sort of problem. they may be having chest pain or some sort of difficulty with exercise or something like that before they have a procedure like this. they end up either going to the doctor, getting a stress test or something. it's a pretty commonly done thing. >> having covered him for eight years he's a health fanatic. he used to run and he used to bike. he eats pretty healthy. how does something like there happen, a heart blockage? >> heart disease is still one of the biggest problems in the developed world and the biggest killer in men and women. everyone develops some degree of blockages or hardenin
FOX News
Aug 9, 2013 2:00am PDT
the moisture across sections of kansas and missouri a big area of high pressure over parts of texas and also louisiana helping produce the showers and storms as well. just in the past 48-hours in the past two-days areas have seen over a foot of rain over sections of missouri parts of arkansas the same across sections of oklahoma and kansas in a short amount of time. the last several days saturday into sunday you are expecting more rain out here locally over 6 inches of rain will be possible. flooding is a major concern. we want to update you. the national hurricane center updated the outlook through out the rest of the summer into snowfall. we are thinking it may be less or lower in terms of the extended outlook in terms of how many storms they are predicting. category 3 or above. pretty significant because it's still above average. >> fewer in previous years? >> fewer than previously forecasted in the beginning of the season. stim abo still above average. >> a chilling facebook that says i am going to prison. after shooting his wife jennifer alfonso dead. derek medina posted a picture of he
FOX News
Aug 16, 2013 12:00am PDT
. as a native of missouri it was certainly not one of the finer moments in our state. meanwhile texas congressman, they have them there, michael, steven stockman has invited pote lar rising performer to come to his state declaring, quote, liberals want to bronco bust, but texans value speech even if it is speech they don't agree with. they don't agree with the speech. could this result in civil war? we asked this cat. >> talk to me. talk to me, jr. talk to me, jr. >> agree to disagree, cat. why do we use these things if we know they are fake. >> that was real. >> that was not real. jolene kent, since you mocked me earlier. >> you said my name wrong. >> joe lee. >> that's cool. >> no it is not cool. >> i said jolene. >> no you said jolie. >> do you think with the texas congressman it helps or hurts the situation? >> i think he kind of took the bait. when i saw this i was like, this is unbelievable. why did you actually engage? don't you have something to do in washington? >> so you think it is a bad idea? interesting. michael x the clown controversy is tearing our country apart. should
Aug 10, 2013 4:00am PDT
in texas. and the support she's receiving after this video went online and went viral. >>> let's start this morning with the first of the ocean's 16 to step forward. her name is susan nichol. she is part of that pool of maintenance workers that hit the powerball this week. this story, a huge blast of hope for a community that was hit very hard by superstorm sandy. and aditi roy is all over the story. >> reporter: good morning, dan. this lottery winner may be part of ocean 16. but she's on cloud nine. she revealed her identity to the public. and why she's not leaving her job just yet. this morning, we're hearing from one of ocean 16 for the first time, the county workers that won big in wednesday's $448.4 million powerball jackpot, has protected their anonymity until now. >> i'm still up in the clouds. >> reporter: new jersey native, susan nichols, says she wouldn't believe it when she and 15 fellow workers hit all five numbers and the powerball. >> my co-worker shook me. we did win. >> reporter: until friday night, the only thing we knew about the county government workers, is that no
Aug 8, 2013 2:05am EDT
he had a crush on her. >> reporter: detectives are following leads from texas to canada and mexico. thanks in part to the first statewide amber alert issued to all california cell phones. >> you bring her back. >> reporter: this community near san diego hold out hope for hannah's safe return. >> dimaggio is believed to be driving the blue nissan versa, he may have ditched the car for another one. they're searching every tip that comes into their office. john, diana. >> thank you. now to texas, a day-long interruption in the military trial of the man admits carrying out the fort hood shooting rampage. army major nidal hasan, representing himself. stand by attorneys objected. they told the judge, hasan is putting up no defense in order to getxecuted. >> their job is to represent their client and prevent him from getting the death penalty. their perception is that is something he in fact wants. >> reporter: hasan said attorneys are twisting the facts. he did not elaborate. was not allowed to plead guilty. the judge insisted keeping a legal team on stand by to make sure he gets a fair
Aug 5, 2013 8:00am PDT
, missouri, missouri, not texas. an area he has been protecting in the past along with his girlfriend who was the alleged get away driver. cnn has not been able to determine if his mom at this point has an attorney, but stand by for more on that one. >>> checking some of our top stories now. we are getting new information about one of the passengers killed when an aseana airlines crash landed last month. the fire department supervisors were not alerted that a 16-year-old had been found near the plane. the video shows the girl was run over by a fire rig after she was covered by the foam fire retardant. the footage was recorded by a camera that was mounted on the helmet of a fire battalion chief. >>> plant implosion in california that went horribly wrong. everything looks like it's going according to plan. just as most implosions do, but this one in bakersfield resulted in five people being injured because the debris flew so hard far, it hit the crowds. one person was so badly injured he had his leg amputated. he may lose both legs. so quite a serious result from that implosion. >>> in anot
Aug 21, 2013 5:00am PDT
, they are trying to stay close to texas. eh. well, close only counts in horseshoes. come on back. >> and what is cool about your school? you can submit your nomination on our website, we may come out and feature your kyle right here on our show. we may come out and feature your school right here on our show. if you're like me, you've been working you've been working like a dog all year. but you don't need to camp out 'til labor day to reward yourself! mattress discounters' labor day sale is ending soon! rest those tired bones on a queen size sealy gel memory foam mattress! for just $497! get 48 months interest-free financing on the entire tempur-pedic cloud collection. but this sale ends soon! ♪ mattress discounters! ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate ♪ we, we chocolate cross over ♪ yeah, we chocolate cross over ♪ [ male announcer ] fiber one 80 calorie chocolate cereal. ♪ chocolate with clusters, flakes, and o's. oh, ho, ho... it's the honey sweetness i...i mean, [ female announcer ] and with all these great cheerios flavors,
FOX News
Aug 18, 2013 12:30pm PDT
the verdict of george martin in the trayvon martin murder to emma till. 1998 she was sued by texas cattle ranchers about, you know, saying that madcow was a problem. and she said i believe i'm being muzzled. i come from a people who struggled and achieved and then she moved her show to amarillo, texas, for a month to promote this. same thing in 2005 she was ejected from her fed quotes to the "new york daily news" that if this was celine dion, it was a precedent here. >> it's a convenient time. she's a great entertainer and show person. and you've got to love "time" magazine which picked up the bag and ran with it. they went to switzerland and talked about how racist switzerland was. they pointed out 50 asylum seekers were not being permitted to use the pool or sports facilities. they also pointed out that the handbag was made of crocodile and that a group called four paws was protesting oprah winfrey's even looking at it. >> rick, the media just kind of took her story and ran with it. and it took days before anybody heard from the shop owner or the salesperson. >> yeah, they just ran with
Aug 9, 2013 4:00am PDT
hanging over the center of the nation again today. >> right now, it's raining from texas to the northeast. and in missouri, rescue teams were out in full force, searching for friends and family members. here's abc's alex perez. >> reporter: it was a dramatic scene that had two tennessee parents in a panic. little lauren, rescued from her family's attic by firefighters. her father, in shock. >> next thing you know, we're in the attic, trying to get the baby upstairs. and it's hard. it's scary. you don't know what the water's going to do. so -- lose a home. >> reporter: firefighters wading through that chest-high water, clutching on to baby lauren's carrier to get her to safety. >> it was emotional. you know, you see your baby. and she's a newborn. how are you going to do this? what are you going to do to get us out? >> reporter: across the nashville area, swollen creeks caused flash flooding, forcing some to the safety of their roofs. and leaving cars floating on streets. rescue teams fanned out, fighting the fast-moving waters, to get people out. not just tennessee. from arkansas, to miss
Aug 6, 2013 2:00am PDT
park in texas has found a really inventive way to keep their patrons cool. look at that. they created an ice dump where staff dumped a full ton, 2,000 pounds of ice on to swimmer. >> they are chanting "we want ice reques ice." >> let's take a look. the problems out there this morning is in missouri. we have flash flooding that's in mostly rural sections of missouri. on i-44, a big interstate through the state, we have who r -- horrendous flooding going on. we're going to see humidity increasing on the east coast. e we already have showers and storms around baltimore and washington, d.c., this morning. the humidity is up on the east coast. it's been a nice break, but now the heat is going to return. >> lovely. >>> a shocking new statistic on drinking and walking. >>> and will the amazon entrepreneur change face of journalism? ♪ (tires screeching) red hot deal days are back. (alarm beeping) stop for no one. what? it's red hot deal days. get $100 off the samsung galaxy note ii with features like pop-up play. lets you use any app while watching video. or use the s pen for hand-written n
Aug 15, 2013 8:00pm PDT
for saying of then-president george w bush: "we're ashamed the president of the united states is from texas." some radio stations refused to play their songs. the missouri chapter of the naacp wants the secret service and the justice department to investigate of fox news' sean hannity. :really, this is how they- you want your government to taxpayer dollars investigating this?" california public schools this year are joining a nationwide effort to adopt uniform standards in the classroom. it's a concept known as 'common core.' san jose unified and hundreds more school districts across california this year have joined schools in 44 other states in adopting the so-called common core standards initiative. it's a kind of accountability movement designed to ensure all students have a 'common core' of knowledge they need to be successful in life. the new standards are designed to provide a consistent, clear understanding of what students are expected to learn. the standards will be the creating a de-facto national curriculum. download our new kron4 mobile app -- and check out the special 'back to
FOX News
Aug 8, 2013 10:00am PDT
today but anywhere you see this much yellow across oklahoma, the panhandle of texas and across southeastern areas of missouri and parts of arkansas, get ready for severe weather and more rain. i tell you what, alisyn, we don't really change this pattern and below that rain, it's hot and will continue to see heat advisories in effect. will continue to feel like 105, 110 for a lot of people here. and to the north, that's where the rain is. these two stories happening at the same time, this pattern not breaking at all likely all the way through the weekend. >> scary weather out there, rick. thanks for the alert for people watching. >>> there are new developments overseas in yemen, reports of two u.s. drone strikes killing at least nine al qaeda militants coming more than a week after u.s. intelligence reportedly intercepted a message between yemeni terrorists and the leader of the global al qaeda network. there have been at least seven suspected u.s. drone strikes in yemen in just the past ten days. the nation remains on high alert after authorities revealed a terrorist plot to ta
Aug 5, 2013 7:00am PDT
advertencias y avisos se mantienen en texas, algunos de calor, hacia el sur, el y el norte del estado, aquÍ tormentas fuertes para la jornada, con temperaturas en san antonio, de 9 9a grados, para la tarde, de 103 en dallas, en chicago, 78, y ustedes en nueva york, esperando 81 grados, en el pacÍfico, sigue alejÁndose, una nueva tormenta tropical, henrieta. con vientos de 90 millas por hora, no representa ningÚn peligro, la buena noticia, continuamos con mÁs de "despierta amÉrica", verdad que sÍ? >>> que se vaya henrieta. bien lejos. >>> stephanie tienes una gente maravillosa. >>> sÍ, al regresar a los deportes, las chivas consiguieron la primera victoria, les hacia falta. >>> oye, por quÉ el comentario demÁs? >>> en la pelota caliente los dodgers estÁn imbatibles, mire, se lesionÓ uno de sus mejores jugadores. >>> en un minuto llega jessica domÍnguez para responder a un inmigrante que quiere ayudar a su hija para hacerse residente legal, veamos quÉ posibilidades para resolver el caso, preste atenciÓn, puede parecerse al suyo. >>> aunque estÁ en prekinder, un niÑo con 4 aÑo
Aug 14, 2013 5:00pm EDT
by the republican from texas so we don't have to worry about this. once we put the operatives concerns at rest we can use it for the potentials out there without worrying about the cloud of big brother. host: what are the high points of the powe promise? guest: it would been the weaponization of drones. that is one key thing. host: is there an appetite in congress to get this legislation done? guest: i think that there's been a lot of interest in there issue. it is a very difficult environment for anything to pass so who knows. but i think what we are seeing in the states is a strong indicator that a lot of people in congress are hearing from constituents and there is a lot of concern about this. host: jim is up next from new york city, democrat's line. caller: good morning. host: you are on. caller: i worked as a commercial airline pilot in this country and the concern about personal information is one thing. you just mentioned not doing drone work that volumes weaponization. if you look at the way the united states uses these things overseas, the united states has a temporary advantage in this
Aug 7, 2013 3:00am PDT
at ft. hood, texas, in 2009. if convicted he could be the first active duty serviceman executed in more than 50 years. >>> harrowing details in the pennsylvania municipal shooting rampage. investigators say the suspect pictured here opened fire through the front door of a meeting room, then walked to a side door and did the same thing. after going to his car for another gun, two men tackled him. one said his main motivation was protecting his wife. >> people needed help. i helped. that's it. after the second round of shooting i couldn't take anymore. i got up and ran. i'll be honest with you. my wife was behind me and i didn't want her to be shot. >> newe ll is involved in a fight with the township over his run down property. >>> starting less than two hours from home the cleveland home where ariel kas troe held three women captive for more than a decade. he was sentenced to life for 1,000 years without the possibility of parole. he denied torturing the women after kidnapping them. we will bring you the demolition live. >>> former president george w. bush doing well and expected to leav
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Aug 8, 2013 3:00am PDT
temperatures in some parts of the country, perfect for frozen yogurt across sections of texas and very heavy rain in parts of missouri, parts of kansas. over a foot of rain in parts of missouri. more heavy rain, you can see it on the radar moving through this area. severe weather, isolated tornadoes possible anywhere from the texas handle to parts of oklahoma and kansas. a hot day in texas. 105 in dallas. 106 in san antonio. in chicago, kind of cool for this time of year. >> we have great franchises in this region. >> hot tepblts in parts of the -- hot temperatures in parts of the south. stay cool and get some tcby. i'm going to try this new flavor here and let you know what i think coming up. >> let me grab a cup over here. >> all right. here we go over here. >> there you go. >> where is a -- >>gretchen: it's a little toug for them to be eating ice cream and none for us. right, peter? >>steve: look what i brought you. >>gretchen: you've already had a bite. >>steve: so. sharing. one big happy family. you want a bite? >>peter: i love you, but not that much. >>steve: it tastes just as good as
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Aug 15, 2013 3:00am PDT
from south dakota all the way down to texas. of course we'll keep an eye on that. let's head back to the studio. >>peter: it's a summer camp like you've never seen, teaching kids about the role of law enforcement. anna is here with the story. >> i headed to upstate new york where the sherrifs association has been holding a camp for kids for the past 25 years. the raising of the flag, a patriotic start for the day for the new york state sherrifs association summer camp. 140 kids between the ages of 8 and 12 visit camp i iriquois. >> a lot of these kids are from poorer neighborhoods. on saturdays they come and deputies pull -- put on their uniforms. they are a police officer and you are my friend. >> how important is it to form a good bond at this age? >> it is critical. when the kids can look at the police officer as their friend, they're not afraid to approach them if they know or hear something. >> law enforcement do demonstrations with police officers mounted on horses and with drug and bomb sniffing dogs. campers participate in water and land activities. >> we have fishing, can
Aug 9, 2013 8:00am PDT
. >>> also in texas, a brand-new development in the request of the stand-by attorneys of an army major to actually change their role in the defense regarding the court-martial of nidal hasan at ft. hood, texas. in that court-martial, his stand-by attorneys are now asking a higher court to allow them to alter this whole shattered attorney situation and their participation in the trial given that he's defending himself and i think it's fair to say he's not doing a very good job of it suggesting he's the shooter right off the bat. but if granted, it would override the rejection of their request just yesterday, kind of like a big appeal. as you probably already know, hasan is acting as his own attorney and acting very strangely. he's accused of 13 murders, killing 13 people at ft. hood, texas, four years ago. what it's like when you have a client defending himself and you have to sit there and watch it, defense attorney chris hadad who was in a notorious murder trial in 2007. first of all, it's great to have you. you're a perfect guest to weigh in on what these attorneys at ft. hood are go
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Aug 29, 2013 7:00pm PDT
of texas, our governor refused to take the medicaid money. the reason is because medicaid, even under the current rules and regulations with the current coverage is sucking up money out of our state budget that would otherwise go for education, elementary, secondary or higher education or the rest of state government. medicaid is eating the state government budgets of too many states. >> we only have a minute left. let me switch topics. i hear small business owners tell me, it's not a scientific study what they tell me. i hear that they are planning to sort of reduce the number of full-time employees to part-time employees in order to avoid some of the cost of obama care on a small business. do you think that president obama is watching those numbers and that he's worried that we're going to grow to a more part-time economy and because that's going to have serious consequences for people? >> i think he could careless. look, it's not that we're predicting it's happening. it is happening. take a look at the bureau of labor statistics over the last year. we have had 145,000 fewer people
Aug 8, 2013 2:35am EDT
weather around oklahoma and texas panhandle. more flash flooding in kansas, missouri. rainy, colorado and new mexico. >> mostly 80s in the rocky. triple digits. phoenix, dal lalgs. 80, atlanta to boston. >> we have never seen a story quite like this one. we will get right to it. a woman in denver start aid company making diapers for chickens. >> okay. >> huh. >> the important part of it again. diapers for chickens. >> i guess they're quite messy. never owned a chicken. for the many folks now keeping backyard flk flocks. diapers cut down on the spread of germs from all that stuff that gets caught in the diapers. >> okay. chicken diapers. following a warning from the cdc about outbreak of sal ma nellmo linked to bird kept in homes. >> this is popular. people greg their own eggs. awe thought you were talking chickens and diapers. that's what's catching on around the country. it seems like it is difficult to get the diapers on the chickens. >> yeah, right. >> right. >> get your eggs and all the other stuff in there. >> hire somebody to clean up. >> eh. awe calling up. amazing child birth
Aug 16, 2013 6:00am PDT
to texas by monday. that's the actual track of where that could go if it does form. regardless of whether it forms or not, we still have a huge problem, a stationary front pulling in all this moisture from the gulf and combine that with the tropical moisture we just showed you and we add a low. pull that front farther back, which means more access to this heavy rain all along the gulf states. let's talk about that. how much rain are we talking about. two to four inches from new orleans and up to charleston and keep in mind these areas have seen so much rain all summer long. let's take it day by day. here's friday. looking at it through florida and even through georgia. by saturday that moisture gets closer and we see more of it. we see the stationary front back up and start to see it pulling up even into the mid-atlantic and just clouds. this is the area we're concerned with as they get the bulk of the tropical moisture. sunday, still there. plus, you can see moisture making its way towards texas bringing that heavy rainfall in their direction, but, most importantly, still present in thes
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